After Sales and Repair Services


Provide one year free warranty service, jewelries that generally worn, tarnished and discolored, are not covered by the warranty. If the warranty period is exceeded or the products material is lost or broken, warranty will be judged according to the actual situation whether products can be repaired and charged.



If it relates to the quality issues of the product itself, one year of free maintenance will be provided. Wear and tear on appearance is not included in maintenance. If the damage is caused beyond the warranty period or not related to the quality of the product, it will be judged according to the actual situation whether it can be repaired and charged.



Provides 6 months warranty due to damage caused by quality issues or workmanship issues. The scratching and abrasion of the lens is regarded as normal loss of wear and is not covered by the warranty.



- The sales invoices and guarantees certificate must be presented during warranty requests.

- Maintenance period is generally 1 to 2 months (depending on the actual situation)

- Gifts and product packaging are not covered by the warranty.


Repair Procedure

If you need to repair your initial accessories, please email us first:

  1. For all warranties processed by initial Accessory official online store, please fill in the contact form at
    - Order number and sales receipt
    - Repaired items
    - Reason for warranty
  1. Receive initial official reply about the arrangement by email.
  1. Please put the sales receipt together with the initial accessories into the package.
  1. Send to the following address by courier:
    16th Floor, So Tao Commercial Centre, 11-15 Kwai Sau Road, Kwai Chung
    – initial Accessory online store
  1. Please note: Customer is responsible for the shipping costs and the security of the shipment.
  1. After receiving the accessories that need to repair, will be judged whether it can be repaired and charge the relevant fees according to the actual situation. You will receive a confirmation email soon.
  1. After the maintenance and repair, customer will receive notification email and will send back to customers.


Daily Care

- Avoid chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, bleach, etc. (jewelry/watches/eyewears);

- Please take off accessories while exercising (such as running, swimming, etc.), bathing, washing face, washing dishes;

- Do not place the products (jewelry /watches/eyewears) together, the surface is prone to scratches, and please store separately in specific packaging;

- Wipe the surface of the product (jewelry/watch/eyewears) with a soft cloth after wearing it.